Sleep Apnea

Home Health Products works hand-in-hand with the Respiratory Therapists at the Jackson County Memorial Hospital Sleep Lab and Cardiopulmonary department.  We also have a Registered Respiratory Therapist, Michael Bierdeman, on site to handle your sleep apnea concerns.  We offer the latest in CPAP technology from leading manufacturers Resmed and Fisher and Paykel.  Our on-staff Respiratory Therapist is available for CPAP set ups and help with any CPAP problem.  

After a patient has been diagnosed with Sleep Apnea and if your doctor requires aids, Home Health Products can give you the best fit with a CPAP or BiPAP mask and machine to help get you a better sleep. We have an experienced CPAP fitter with ten years experience, trained by manufacturer ResMed  – a premier brand for sleep apnea equipment. We also offer Fisher and Paykel devices.  All PAP devices are fit by a Registered Respiratory Therapist.

This is a life-changing piece of equipment. Compliance and comfort are important to us, so we check up on our fit and machine to make sure it has enhanced your sleep experience.

We have a large stock of CPAP masks, and many vendors offer a 30-day mask guarantee.  

We work with your insurance company to maximize coverage for these products and minimize your out-of-pocket expenses.