Outstanding Balance

JCMH expects that patients and/or their families will make a good faith effort to pay any balance due to the hospital. The Patient Accounting Department will work with you to establish a reasonable method of settlement. 

An account is considered delinquent or past due when:

  1. No payment arrangements have been made within 30 days of final insurance payment (or final billing for self-pay accounts).
  2. There is no response to our mailings or telephone calls.
  3. A required Financial Assistance Application form is not completed.
  4. Established hospital financing arrangements are not met.

If you dispute a balance, the situation will be reviewed before further collection efforts are pursued. In cases where all reasonable efforts to collect a balance have been made, the account will be referred to a state-licensed agency for follow-up and collections, or to an attorney for legal action. The cost to collect a suit on an account will be added to the original balance owed. 

JCMH has established the following guidelines for payment of any balance: 

$0 to $600In equal monthly installments
$600 to $120012 In equal monthly installments
$1201 +18 In equal monthly installments

Long-term payment arrangements can be requested by completing a Financial Assistance Application. If unable to qualify for outside assistance, a payment schedule will be made measuring the established payment against the patient’s spendable income (available income after reasonable monthly obligations.)

JCMH honors Visa, MasterCard or Discover card for the payment of any account. Payments are accepted in person, by mail, telephone, or the Pay Your Bill Online option on this website.