Nursing Recruitment

The JCMH Nursing Department consists of a staff of innovative, dedicated and diversified individuals that strive to achieve excellence in patient care. That quest is nurtured from the philosophy of giving a personal touch to each and every patient. JCMH nurses believe that patient care is an art and a science conveyed by compassion and knowledge. Here at JCMH, our goals for nurses are high and rising further each day. Our patients and our profession deserve nothing less.

Download a PDF of Jackson County Memorial Hospital's nursing incentives

or find out more below about our comprehensive nursing hire, retention and education offerings.

Nursing Incentives

Just a few of the perks and opportunities of working at JCMH:

  • Competitive Nursing pay scale
  • Holiday Pay
  • Certification Bonus
  • Shift (and Weekend) differentials
  • Tuition Assistance
  • School Loan Reimbursement Program
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Preceptor program
  • 4-Tiered Clinical Ladder
  • JCMH Home Health Products nursing uniforms and supplies discounts
  • Employee and Dependents Health Clinic with reduced rates
  • Comprehensive Health insurance including dental, vision, retirement and disability. Long Term Disability and Life insurance at no cost
  • 401K Savings and Investments
  • Resource Pool
  • Weekend agreements. Staff nurse involvement on all nursing and disability. Long Term Disability and Life insurance at no cost
  • 401K Savings and Investments
  • Resource Pool
  • Weekend agreements. Staff nurse involvement on all nursing committees

Nurse Residency Program

Helping new nurse graduates transition into their first professional nursing role by offering evidence based learning with work experiences that promote confidence, critical thinking skills and excellent patient care.


  • Activities to foster professional growth with mentoring
  • Provide crucial link that will give new graduates planned and organized experiences with preceptors
  • Build competency to gain clinical confidence
  • 6 month training with monthly meetings, in-services and hands-on experiences


  • New nurse graduate with less than 1 year clinical experience
  • Graduate from an accredited school of nursing
  • Complete all program requirements
  • A willingness to strive for clinical excellence to foster personal growth and development
  • NCLEX must be taken within 4 months post-graduation


JCMH recognizes the value of education in nursing and believes in providing opportunities to advances the learning of its nurses.

The JCMH Education Center offers nurses a variety of professional developmental opportunities. The Education Center offers many paid on-site educational courses such as Basic Life Support, Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Pediatric Advanced Life Support, Neonatal Resuscitation Program, Trauma Nurse Core Course and Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner. Many of these courses include free CEUs. 

Also offered are numerous classes related to Moderate Sedation, Rapid Sequence Intubations, Dysrhythmia Interpretation, ACLS Preparation and Diabetes Management, as well as Microsoft Computer Applications. The Education Center presents in-services and seminars with information ranging from general nursing knowledge to unit specific topics.

Education Assistance Programs

There are several areas in which employees can receive educational assistance. 

Summer Nurse Intern Program

The Nurse Intern program is tailored to nursing students and designed to expand their knowledge base and sharpen their nursing skills prior to graduation. It also provides invaluable hands-on experience and gives the nursing student an opportunity to work alongside a Registered Nurse. Some benefits of being a Nurse Intern at JCMH:

  • Enhances nursing development and critical thinking skills
  • Enables interaction and collaboration with healthcare team members while caring for patients
  • Paid staff employee with flexible scheduling
  • Educational scholarship opportunities 
  • Smooth transition into the RN role post-graduation

Interns at JCMH will have the chance to perform many tasks and are given the opportunity to rotate through different clinical areas including: Medical-Surgical floor, Intensive Care Unit, Emergency Department, Operating Room, Women’s Center, Same Day Surgery, or Harmon Memorial Hospital in Hollis, OK.

Many Nurse Interns find their niche at JCMH and continue their employment as a Nurse Tech during their final Fall & Spring semester.

This is a wonderful opportunity to “jump start” your nursing career, earn money and better prepare yourself for your future.

Application Process for Summer Nurse Intern Program

Applicants must have successfully completed the first full year of all classroom and clinical work in an A.D.N. or B.S.N. program.  The following must be completed and submitted to the Education Department or to the Nurse Intern Program Coordinator by the deadline date, March 24, 2021 by 3 pm.


Items #1-6 must be completed and submitted by the student.

Item #7-8 must be completed and submitted by your nursing program & clinical instructor.

  1. JCMH application (Available online after March 1st) – omit this portion if you are currently employed by JCMH 
  2. Letter of Intent (Signed)
  3. JCMH Nursing Code of Professional Conduct (Signed)
  4. Current official transcript
  5. Recent photo (4×6 head-shot only)
  6. Nursing Classroom Instructor Reference
  7. Nursing Clinical Instructor Reference 

Applicants will meet with nurse managers from different clinical areas and members of the Nurse Intern Committee for an interview process. The Nurse Intern Program Coordinator will notify applicants of their selection or non-selection within   7-10 days following the interview. After their selection, they will attend JCMH orientation and Nurse Intern program training.

Intern Scholarships

Our Intern Program offers educational scholarships to a select number of Interns that “stand out” over the course of the program. Work performance, attitude and aptitude are all considered in awarding the Nurse Intern Program Scholarship at the end of each summer. This is our way of rewarding those students that truly exemplify the nursing profession at Jackson County Memorial Hospital.


JCMH applications (available after March 1st)