Benefits of Employment

Full Time employees 30 hours or more are eligible for all benefits.
As an employee of JCMH, below are just some of the benefits that we offer:

Paid Time Off (PTO)

All regular full time and part time employees  are eligible for vacations, holiday, sick time, etc. under the PTO program.

Accrued PTO time: (per 80 hours worked)
PTO can be used on the fourth month  

Length of Service PTO DaysMax Annual Accrual
0 – 3 months 4.3 hours3.5 days
4 months – 5 years 7.76 hours25.22 days
6 yrs – 10 yrs 9.65 hours31.36 days
11 yrs – 15 yrs 10.44 hours33.93 days
Over 15 years 11.63 hours37.80 days

Group Medical Insurance

Full comprehensive coverage at excellent rates for employees with an additional charge for dependents.

Employee Health Clinic

Employees and their dependents are eligible to utilize the JCMH Employee Health Clinic which offers low office visit fees and reduced rates for some laboratory and radiology services.  

Life Insurance 

To equal annual earnings at no cost to employee.

Additional Life Insurance Coverage 

For yourself and your family at nominal costs. Term Life policies, Aflac Accident, Aflac Critical Illness and Accidental Life and Dismemberment policies.

Cafeteria Plan 

Employees have an option to purchase group medical, dental and vision insurance on a pre-tax basis. Employees may also shelter from taxes up to $3,050 per year for unpaid medical, dental, and optical expenses and up to $5,000 for childcare expenses.

H.S.A Plan

Used with the H.D.H.P. plan only. Single employees may contribute $3850 a year, $4850 if 55 or older. Family may contribute $7,750 a year, $8,750 if 55 or older. May be used for cost associated with deductible, out of pockets or other qualified medical, dental or vision expenses.

Long Term Disability

An employee may receive 60% of wages after 6 months of disability at no cost (One-year eligibility period).

Individual Long Term Disability

Coverage over and above the group coverage maximum of $5000 month, Individual LTD can replace 75% of your gross monthly up to a Catastrophic Benefit covering 100% of your gross monthly income.

Savings and Investment Plan

Jackson County Memorial Hospital is exempt from the Social Security System except for 1.45% for Medicare Tax. You will have a mandatory contribution of 4% deducted from your base earnings. The hospital contributes an amount equal to 4% of your base earnings toward your retirement. These monies will be 100% vested on your behalf. You also have the option of sheltering up to 100% more of your salary, up to the Deferral limits of $22,500. The hospital will match 50% of the amount you have elected up to 7%, bringing the employer‘s contribution up to 7.5%.  You can also add a catch up contribution for a total of $7,500.

Employee Health Program

Employment physical examinations and annual health screenings are performed by the hospital.