Proxy Access

Pediatric Proxy Access 

At this time, JCMH only offers access to a child’s medical information via the JCMH patient portal for children between the ages of 0-12 years old.   A request for medical records for children that are 13-17 years old can be made by a parent or legal guardian at the JCMH clinic where your child was seen or the JCMH Health Information Management Department. 
In order to gain access to your child’s record via the portal, you must fill out the Proxy Request Form and bring it to the JCMH Physician Clinic where your child has been seen or the Health Information Management (Medical Records) Department at Jackson County Memorial Hospital.   This form may also be filled out at the appointment. If you are not a parent but you have legal guardianship, you must bring a copy of your legal guardianship papers in order to get access to a child’s portal. 

Once the proxy form has been received your child’s information will be added to your personal JCMH patient portal account.   If you do not have a personal account then one will need to be created before your child’s information can be added to it.

Access to your child’s information via the portal will automatically terminate at midnight on the child’s 13th birth date. 

Adult Proxy Access

In order to have Proxy Access to another adult’s portal, the Proxy Request Form must be filled out. If you are the Power of Attorney for Healthcare decisions or Healthcare Proxy, the Proxy Access Form must be filled out and legal documentation presented in order to gain portal access for that person. If the patient is coherent, they must also sign the Proxy Access Form. Proxy access may be revoked by the patient at any time by filling out the Proxy Revocation Form and returning it to the JCMH Health Information Management Department.   

ALL of the above must be presented in order for access to be given to another adult’s JCMH Patient Portal account. Once documentation has been presented, please allow 3-5 business days for access to be given.  

Revocation of Proxy Access

Proxy access may be revoked at any time by patients age 18 and over by filling out the Proxy Revocation Form.