Seat Lift Chairs



Now that I have developed arthritis, I have trouble getting up out of my chair. Do you have anything that can help me?

A seat lift chair is designed for persons with the problem of getting out of a chair.  The chair looks like a recliner.  It has a remote control that reclines the chair like any recliner, but also, it will raise the chair slowly until you are in a standing position.

Is a seat lift chair a piece of furniture or is it medical equipment?

Actually, it is both.  Medicare and insurances consider the lift mechanism inside the chair as a medical device, but the chair itself, including the frame, the cushions, and the fabric, is furniture. If you want Medicare to help you pay for the chair, you must purchase it from a Medicare-approved medical equipment supplier.

My doctor wrote a prescription for a seat lift chair. Does that mean Medicare will buy it for me?

If you qualify for Medicare coverage for a seat lift chair, Medicare will only pay for the mechanism that is inside the chair.  Therefore, Medicare coverage will be for only part of the chair. Medicare will reimburse about $330, and you will be responsible to pay the rest. 

If I have a prescription, will Medicare cover the seat lift mechanism?

Medicare has very specific rules concerning coverage for seat lift mechanisms.  You must have severe arthritis of the hip or knee or neurological or muscular disease that prevents you from getting up from a regular chair.  Also, you must be able to walk once you are in a standing position.

I have two prescriptions, one for a seat lift chair and one for a wheelchair. Can I have both products?

Medicare law states that if you get a seat lift chair, you must be able to walk once you are in a standing position. If you need a wheelchair, Medicare believes that you cannot walk. Therefore, Medicare won’t cover both products at the same time.

Why are my height, weight and other measurements important when I am shopping for a seat lift chair?

Most people who buy seat lift chairs spend several hours a day in the chair. It is important for the chair to be the right size to fit you, so that you can be comfortable.  You should measure from your knee to the floor, so that your feet will reach the floor comfortably when you sit in your seat lift chair. You should measure from the back of your hips to the knees when you are sitting down, so we can choose a chair with the perfect seat depth to fit you.  Also, your height from your hips to your head will determine the right height of the chair back. Your weight will determine the correct strength of the frame.

What options do I have when choosing a seat lift chair?

At Home Health Products, we stock seat lift chairs from the most reputable manufacturers in the industry: Pride and Golden.  There are a variety of prices, styles, and sizes to fit the individual.  We can order chairs in an array of colors and fabric choices.  Some chairs come with flip open arms for storage. Others recline into a bed. Others have heat and massage. We can order chairs that support weight up to 700 pounds.