Patient Choice



I have heard you mention the patient’s right to choose. What does that mean to me?

According to Medicare law, a patient has the right to choose his or her medical provider.  That means you have the right to choose your doctor, your home care company, and your pharmacy. You have the right to choose which medical equipment company that you use for your oxygen and your home medical equipment. Your doctor cannot make that choice for you without your consent.  Legally, you, the patient, should make that choice.

From a patient’s viewpoint, what things should I look for when I choose a medical equipment company?

A few years ago, I cared for my husband in our home during his long bout with cancer.  I also helped care for a very dear terminally ill friend, who I considered as part of my family. In taking care of these two persons, it was important for me to use a company that was a real part of our community. I wanted a company that was locally owned, because I think that the people of Altus help and support one another. I wanted a company that had a loving and compassionate staff.  I found that the technicians of Home Health Products came out in the middle of the night when I needed them, and they really cared about my difficult situation. I wanted a company that gave me options, including the latest technology. I wanted a company who knew the business and had longstanding expertise. The technicians and the billing staff really took care of my family, and they really knew exactly what they were doing. I was confident in their ability to help.

I am worried that if I get a piece of medical equipment, I won’t know how to use it. It looks too difficult for me. What can I do?

I think that one of the things I appreciated most when my husband was ill was the calm, patient teaching that the Home Health Products staff provided me. Even though I am in the business, it is different when you are using the equipment for a family member.  I needed to learn from the viewpoint of a anxious caregiver. The technicians spent a lot of time patiently teaching me about each piece of equipment and how to use it. They answered all my questions and they did not leave until I was comfortable.  Don’t worry about learning to use the equipment, because our technicians will work with you until your anxiety has gone away.  Also, the technicians are on call 24 hours a day if you need extra help.

How do I know that your technicians are setting up the equipment correctly?

At Home Health Products, we take education very seriously.  We send our technicians to manufacturer-sponsored training whenever available. For example, our Repair Tech has been certified by U.S. Rehab with the highest level of certification, and our Oxygen Technician received hands on oxygen education from the leading manufacturers of oxygen equipment. Also, we have a mandatory training session every week to keep our staff members current on proper procedures and new technology.

What do I do if I need help with my medical equipment after your store is closed?

It is our goal to be at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you have a problem with your equipment or if you need oxygen, you can call us at anytime.  Our regular phone number, 379-6800, is answered around the clock. After regular business hours, one of our trained technicians will respond to your emergency needs.