Hospital Beds



My doctor said that I have to keep my upper body elevated during the night. What are my options?

If your condition is a mild, temporary condition, you may try a wedge pillow. These are inexpensive, and come in various widths of 4 inches, 7 1/2 inches, 10 inches, or twelve inches. At Home Health Products, we keep a variety of wedge pillows in stock.
If a wedge pillow is not sufficient, your doctor may suggest a hospital bed.

Will Medicare pay for a hospital bed if my doctor orders one?

To qualify for a hospital bed, the patient must require positioning not possible in a regular bed, or require elevation greater than 30 degrees. You will need to have a face to face visit with your doctor, and he or she will document your medical need in your medical records.

If I get a hospital bed, will it be just like the ones in the hospital?

Most beds in a hospital are fully electric beds. That means that the height of the bed, and the position of the head and foot of the bed are adjusted by a hand control.  Medicare does not cover a fully electric bed in a home setting. Instead, Medicare will cover a semi-electric bed. The head and foot still adjust by a hand control, but the height is adjusted by a hand crank.  You may upgrade to a fully electric bed for a small extra payment.

Will I own the bed or rent it?

The hospital bed is a rental item for Medicare and most private insurances. After renting for 13 months, the bed becomes the property of the patient. 

Do regular sheets fit a hospital bed?

A hospital bed is best used with sheets made specifically for hospital beds.  At Home Health Products, we carry hospital bed sheets in a variety of colors. You may also select blankets designed to fit the bed, as well as a large selection of pillows.

I have trouble getting in and out of my hospital bed. Is there something to help me?

You should consider either a trapeze bar or a patient lift.  Both of these items are covered by Medicare.  A trapeze bar is a triangular bar that hangs above the bed. You can use this bar to help you position yourself in the bed or steady yourself as you pull up.  Trapeze bars usually attach to the head of the hospital bed, but you can also choose a free-standing trapeze bar.  A patient lift has a hydraulic lifting mechanism to lift a patient out of the bed.